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Testimonials & Reviews

Donna Cobler (12-19-17)

“I had such a great experience. I can’t think of anything critical to say. Staff was professional, caring and helpful. The flowers were a nice touch. A very caring doctor.”

~Donna Cobler

Robert Ginder (12-5-17)

“Any surgery is scary but surgery on your eye… Dr. Vande Garde and staff provided great care and comfort. No worries!!!”

~Robert Ginder – Dr. Vande Garde’s patient

Penny Finley-Weckwerth (11-29-17)

“Cinny was wonderful and by my side for both eyes. All the other staff as well as Dr. Vande Garde was awesome. Highly recommend them. Everyone is very compassionate and caring!”

Thank You.

~Penny Finley-Weckwerth – Dr. Vande Garde’s patient

Maureen Cleary (11-20-17)

“They were all good. Treated me like I was family.”

~Maureen Cleary

Tom Ruyack (10-2-17)

“The caring and expertise of Dr. Vande Garde and staff made me comfortable and very grateful. The excellence of our experience surpassed our expectation and was more than we could have hoped for. Thank you.”

~Tom Ruyack – Dr. Vande Garde’s patient

John M. Proctor (8-3-17)

“The 2 times I’ve been in the surgical side, it’s been very quick & courteous. The same things for the other side of your office, other medical services could learn from you and your whole staff.”

~John M. Proctor – Dr. Vande Garde’s patient


“Love Dr. Vande Garde – kept informing me of every step of procedure & called me the evening following surgery. Entire staff friendly, caring, professional – enjoyed each one. Highly recommend for cataract removal.”


“Attentive, friendly, thorough; every person from reception, pre and post surgery as well as our Dr. Vande Garde has the traits above. Very pleasant experience considering it’s surgery!”

P.S. Personal call from Dr. – “Amazing, no one does that!”

Roberta Dewey (March 7th, 2017)

“The staff was far above any medical staff I have experienced! The personnel “cares” about their patient!”

(March 3rd, 2017)

“I had a wonderful surgical experience at Washburn Surgery Center. The staff was kind, caring and professional. I received a plant as I left and my own doctor called me personally at home to see how I was getting along. What doctor does that in this day and age. Love, love, love that Washburn Surgery Center.”

(Feb 7th, 2017)

“Exceptional care & attention to my needs, concerns and questions. I was surprised & the painless procedure!”

Susan Papps

“The best medical experience ever! Excellent care – very personal approach. I was very comfortable the entire time due to the care and support of your excellent staff. I have shared with family and friends how wonderful every staff member was to me personally.”

Jackie Mauk

“Dr Tablante is such an awesome Doctor. I credit her expertise and God for my husband’s eyesight. She is not only an excellent and knowledgeable doctor, but she is a very kind soul that truly cares about her patients well being. I thank God for our optometrist referring my husband to her several years ago when he began loosing his eyesight due to diabetic retinopathy. I shutter to think where his eyesight would be now if he’d not gotten a doctor that truly cared about her patients. She never gave up on his sight getting better and has proven that she cares for her patients and desires for them to be able to continue to see. Thank you, Dr. T. for caring for my hubby’s eyes, for your caring heart and prayers for our family.

We highly recommend her and her awesome staff to anyone that needs eye care.”

Marsha T.

“Dr Vande Garde and the whole staff and surgical center are phenomenal! I have panic attacks and I probably told everyone, at least 5 times each. They were very reassuring and sure enough they took of me. NO panic issues! No one can understand how wonderful it is to be really taken care of when you have a panic disorder. Dr V. even called before the evening of my surgery to check on me…never had that done! My sincere thanks and I won’t be such a wuss next time. 🙂 ”

‎Norma Vink‎

“Love Dr. Vande Garde and all of the staff. This is absolute the best eye doctor and staff in Topeka! Will recommend everyone to them.”

Ron Gilbreath

“I would recommend Dr. Vande Garde & staff to anyone! There are the most caring & considerate staff there is! Thank you for your great service!”

“This is one of the most organized, pleasant offices I have been in. All the staff is A+.”

Oneta Lindbloom

“Thankful to have such quality medical team here in Topeka. Recommend this center to everyone with eye problems.”

Dee Johnson

“Couldn’t be better! Best eye doctors!”